Broadcaster and Hubbub Associate Director Claudia Hammond presents The Anatomy of Rest, a three-part series on BBC Radio 4 in September 2016. The series explores what rest really means and how people find it in the modern world, and features the research of a number of Hubbub collaborators and contributors.

Programme 1 (airs 09.00, 13th September 2016 on BBC Radio 4)

Claudia goes on a journey to see what rest means to people from different disciplines. She talks to poets, historians and musicians about the way they view rest. Does it refer to the body or the mind? And why is it so hard to define?

Programme 2 (airs 09.00, 20th September 2016 on BBC Radio 4)

What happens when the mind is supposedly resting and when we are thinking about nothing in particular? Claudia visits Leipzig to see inside her brain and consider what it does when it’s at rest, only to discover it’s more active than you might expect. An experiment in which Claudia monitors her own thoughts proves to be harder than it sounds.

Programme 3 (airs 09.00, 27th September 2016 on BBC Radio 4)

The final programme is recorded in front of a live audience in the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection. Claudia is joined by guests including the jazz singer Claire Martin, the comedian Robin Ince and the writer Kathleen Jamie to reveal the results of The Rest Test, the worlds’s largest ever survey on people‚Äôs subjective experiences of rest, which was launched on BBC radio 4 in November.