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Do We Ever Really Rest?

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Thursday 13 November 2014 | 7–8.30pm
Join broadcaster Claudia Hammond for a panel discussion as she asks social scientist Felicity Callard, psychologist and author Charles Fernyhough, neuroscientist Daniel Margulies and poet James Wilkes whether we are ever truly at rest. Audience members are invited to continue the discussion in The Hub afterwards.

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Wear It, festival for wearable electronics and arts in Berlin | Josh Berson

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In light of the hype surrounding wearable computing it seems astonishing that it should have taken until now for Berlin to see a “festival for wearable electronics and arts.” On my desk, as I write, sit a pair of sample units from Misfit, a startup manufacturer of wearable actimeters. Misfit’s device, the Shine, is a triaxial accelerometer in an IPX8-rated housing (i.e., certified for continuous immersion—you can swim with it) that communicates with a handset via low-power Bluetooth. It classifies locomotion by mode and speed (walking, running, swimming), and Misfit is conducting trials to assess its value as a proxy for polysomnographic recording of sleep architecture. This is already the third or fourth generation of this type of consumer wearable instrumentation, and it represents just the earliest phase of rapidly growing market. Read More