Critical Medical Humanities: BMJ Special Issue

A special edition of the BMJ Medical Humanities guest edited by Hubbub Director, Felicity Callard, and collaborator, Angela Woods, alongside Will Viney, also of Durham University.

The journal featured two Hubbub-authored articles.

Critical medical humanities: embracing entanglement, taking risks

Authors: William Viney, Felicity Callard, Angela Woods

Article homepage | pdf copy

Positive affect as coercive strategy: conditionality, activition and the role of psychology in UK government workfare programmes

Authors: Lynne Friedli, Robert Stearn

Article homepage | pdf copy

For information on Friedli and Stearn’s article article in the press visit Hubbub’s June 2015 blog post.


Published June 2015. Both articles are open access under a CC-BY license.