Antonia Barnett McIntosh


I am a composer of instrumental and vocal art music.

In the Hub, my main task will be to compose a piece of music, working with musicians and vocalists (including perhaps some of the poets), and to present the piece in a live performance or installation. My compositional concerns lie in the specificity of sound gestures and their variation, translation and adaptation, their essence and focus (and the blurring of that focus), and I often employ chance-based and procedural operations. During the residency I am interested in investigating the qualities of sound at rest in music and musical notation, and exploring the use of silence in the cultivation of a listening practice. The focus brought to a sound when paired with silence, the balance or contradiction of rest and noise, how silence can fill the mind with noise. I am open to all kinds of collaboration, with anyone in the Hub, to make sound experiments and see what transpires. I would like to experiment with musical and graphic scores to generate compositions using data produced during residency experiments, either using the data itself or a form of visual representation.