Claudia Hammond

I present All in the Mind on BBC Radio 4 and Health Check on BBC World Service and BBC World News TV, as well as writing books about psychology for a popular audience such as Time Warped and Emotional Rollercoaster. I’m also a columnist for and a psychology lecturer at Boston University’s base in London.

In the Hub I want to look a new ways of engaging with the public, making use of the new Reading Room at Wellcome Collection, as well as finding innovative ways of discussing the topic of rest and busyness at events in other parts of Wellcome and outside. I’ll also be looking opportunities to address the topic in radio and TV programmes, as well as looking for ways in which our findings could lead to policy recommendations.

I’m keen to work with collaborators who are interested in engaging with the public on the topic and to discuss new ways of doing it, particularly ideas involving a crossover between the arts and the sciences. All ideas for speakers or events are welcome. Later on in the project I’ll be keen to discuss any policy implications which have come out of the work.