Emma Bennett

Email: emma@hubbubresearch.org

I work in the field of performance. My recent work stages instances in which the notional ‘circuit’ between ear, brain and voice is tested, intensified, broken. These experiments often involve earphones and microphones: listening and speaking simultaneously, attempting to describe a sound in real-time, verbalising slightly ahead of my thoughts.

I’m interested less in words themselves than in the rhythms of inarticulacy, the intonal shapes of thought, the sculptural quality of a voice trying to find its way into language. My initial idea for the Hub is to develop this exploration to include the voices of participants and collaborators. I want to design tasks which capture the vocal sounds associated with ‘speechlessness’, as well as the compromised verbal formulations to which we resort when under pressure. Hopefully this will double as a way of getting to know people. This is my starting point, although I expect this will be challenged – and perhaps overtaken – by the ideas emerging through contact with the other collaborators, the resources and atmosphere of the Hub.