Dr Felicity Callard

Group Leader

Email: felicity@hubbubresearch.org

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who also engages with policy and advocacy in relation to mental health. My work sits at the intersection of the humanities, the social sciences and the life sciences. I have broad interests in the history of twentieth- and twenty-first psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and psychoanalysis, and also collaborate with neuroscientists.

As Group Leader of Hubbub, one of my primary aims is to help enable a number of ‘experimental entanglements’ that address rest (and its opposites), and that involve artists, humanists, social scientists and scientists. Hubbub collaborator Des Fitzgerald and I have developed this phrase to indicate serendipitous, contingent (and likely awkward) assemblages that mine the long histories and practices of experiment and experimentation in the arts as well as the sciences. More specifically, I want to continue collaborations with Daniel Margulies and Jonathan Smallwood on the history and present of investigations of the brain and mind and rest – and am excited about drawing in new collaborators from the humanities and the arts who can help us think further about different models of fantasy, mind wandering, daydreaming and distraction. I also hanker for a chance to work in the Wellcome archives and library on how ‘resting states’ more broadly have been conceptualized and rendered visible in the history of science and medicine. As someone initially trained in geography, I shall be attending closely to the space of the Hub itself and how we can experiment creatively with its materiality and with its atmospheres to nourish collaboration and unexpected practices of interdisciplinarity.