Dr James Wilkes

Email: james@hubbubresearch.org

I describe myself as a poet, writer and researcher, as I write poetry (in the ‘experimental’ tradition), scripts for performance (both live and recorded, in galleries, theatres and other spaces), and texts based on archival and scholarly research (e.g. a book about literary modernism and landscape, a radio play about brain imaging).

The questions and problems I want to address in the Hub can be placed on a line from ‘pure’ to ‘applied’: from poetry as a literary practice, through poetry as a tool for collaborative research, to poetry as a mode for mapping rest. In the purest sense, I am interested in developing a theoretical understanding of how poetry might be said to be experimental by analogy with the experimental sciences. I’d also like to collaborate to invent new forms of poetry that use large data sets or new visualisation techniques. In a more applied way, I hope to find out whether the particular ways of engaging with language and experience that poetry affords can be useful to others; for example, by collaborating on investigations into mind-wandering or other such phenomena where the rendering of experience through words is significant. Lastly, I want to explore the use of poetry as an element in mapping spatial and temporal patterns of rest and activity, using sources such as the Wellcome Library’s Medical Officer of Health reports, other literary texts, or subjective observations.