Dr Jennifer Laws

Email: jenny@hubbubresearch.org

I work in the fields of geography and the medical humanities.

The focus of my current research project (‘The Active Patient: Energy, Desire and Active Recoveries) explores questions of energy, rest and tiredness in the context of chronic health conditions such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. I am here in the Hubbub Hub to think through how the ethics and energetics of health and illness – especially among people who live with diminished or unreliable energies – interact with broader understandings of busyness and rest. Questions which interest me include: What ethics of energy are at play when we talk about being ‘too busy’ or about how one should rest properly? What are the lived experiences of human energy and its absence (productive, creative, collective, unhelpful, disruptive, etc.)? How does the rest of chronic illness (bed rest, sick leave) intersect with other forms of activity conducted in the name of ‘rest’, and especially the crafted and cultivated rest of contemporary leisure consumption (the day spa, the Sunday lie-in, vacation)?