Dr Josh Berson

Email: josh@hubbubresearch.org

I’m an anthropologist and design epistemologist. My work asks how our ways of using our bodies coalesce into registers, how we construct our environment to support particular registers of bodily life, how knowledge, tastes, beliefs, habits, and the substances through which we express these, including foods, medicines, cosmetics, and textiles, travel from one place to another, and how communities adapt and reinterpret outside practices – whether it’s seeing language relationships as a tree, keeping money in banks, drinking milk, or going to the gym-to fit their own needs and outlook.

The questions I want to address in the Hub include:

  • How do our rhythms of activity and rest inform how we move through public space over the course of the day? How is the feel of public space changing as our activity rhythms get noisier?
  • What strategies of body use do we develop to cope with constant high-speed travel? With being continuously present at a distance? With the nonstop transcription of behaviour via wearable sensors, ambient motion capture, and social media?
  • What new registers of movement are taking form as urbanicity, mobility, and pervasive computing become modal features of human inhabitance?
  • How do our habits of movement shape our rhythms of mood and arousal, our capacity for sustained attention, and our rubrics for gauging animacy and social presence in the movement we sense in the world around us?