Rhett Griffiths

Email: rhett@hubbubresearch.org

I am a Coach, Facilitator & Experience Designer.

I want to help activate the Hub space and Hubbub collective, to create a fun, productive, stimulating place to be and work. To help build a strong Hubbub community within the Hub space and beyond, which champions the spirit and values of the Hubbub project in its attitudes, behaviours and activities. It would be great to encourage/capture feedback from the Hubbub Group/Network and Wellcome Trust, and integrate this into an iterative process to redesign the Hub space and the way it operates. I’m interested how to facilitate and catalyse successful interdisciplinary work, what factors can make the difference, and how can we design spaces, processes and methods for great collaborations? What does current research suggest about practical strategies we can use, to manage ourselves in relation to rest and busyness, for greater wellbeing. What interventions might we experiment with or prototype during the project? How can awareness of our own physical and mental states in relation to rest and busyness, be captured and useful to us in managing our own health and happiness? In the Hubbub, I’m hoping to discover shared fascinations and juicy conversations, and to build fun and open working relationships which lead to brave and exciting collaborations.