Tamarin Norwood

Email: tamarin@hubbubresearch.org

I am an artist and writer working with video and sculptural installation to examine gesture and pictorial figuration in drawing and writing.

At the Hub I plan to create a new body of artwork informed by conversation and collaboration with other Hub researchers. These artworks will develop my ongoing study of the point of contact with the page during the acts of writing and drawing: a phenomenological study into movement and stasis in gesture and figuration led by insights gained through my studio practice. I am interested in questions raised by ‘blind’ observational drawing: observing the object only by touch, for instance. What parallels exist between the blank space of the page and the use of white space in visual poetry? Speaking of blankness, if perception is intentionally restricted, what does this mean for the residues of action (the pencil marks) left on the page? Do they represent the object’s form? Or the mechanical drawing process? Or the neurological process of generating a 2D response to a 3D stimulus? Are the marks strictly representational at all, or are they something more like sensual caresses or the brain’s self-generated and absent-minded responses to restricted stimulus? I’d like to approach some of these questions through informal conversation with Hub researchers, perhaps leading to practical skill-sharing and collaborative experimentation.