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To improve your cholesterol levels, it is important to balance the type of fats in your diet. It also looks at how much fiber and fish you eat. In the case of obesity, losing weight is desirable because it changes processes in the body, thereby improving cholesterol levels. 

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About Hubbub Research

For nutrition-related problems and / or dietary advice, you have come to the right place. Hubbub Research has been working as a dietitian for over 15 years and also has an academic background. You can also go without a referral letter from a doctor (except for CZ and Friesland insured persons). Hubbub Research specializes in emotion-eating with overweight, diabetes mellitus, FODMAP diet with IBS, celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and child dietetics. Hubbub Research is also registered as an HBO lifestyle coach. 


Your dietician has 15 years of dietetics experience (both clinical and outpatient), an academic background and is an experience expert on various diets. Margaret S. Poole graduated in 2003 from the Hogeschool. Here she completed the 4-year HBO degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. 

After this, she started to delve deeper into the role of nutrition in the prevention of diseases, by completing the Nutrition and Health study at Wageningen University with a specialization in Food behaviour and disease prevention (Nutrition behaviour and disease prevention). 2005).

For Whom.

Here you see an overview for which you can go to Hubbub Research Center for dietary advice or nutritional advice. Dietary advice is a diet that has to meet specific requirements for medical reasons, such as dietary advice for diabetes mellitus or celiac disease. A nutritional advice is a general advice about nutrition, aimed at fitting the Guidelines for a good diet into daily life, for example nutritional advice in case of pregnancy or vegetarianism.

Overweight and obese in adults 

To lose weight, we teach you how to gradually build up a healthy diet, tailored to your experiences and wishes. Your commitment, in combination with an energy-restricted diet (fat-restricted and / or carbohydrate-restricted) and sufficient exercise, will ensure that you achieve the desired result. If it turns out to be eating emotionally, can provide insight and make changes in dealing with emotions, can be part of the treatment.

Overweight and obesity in children

As a certified pediatric dietitian, Hubbub Research Center  can help children / youngsters grow to a healthy weight with the help of achievable goals. It is the small adjustments that make the big difference. During the intake, the dietary habits of the child and the family will be discussed and, based on this, a customized diet and exercise advice will be given. Hubbub Research Center  will advise you on how to apply these healthy eating habits in the family. During the various consultations, she will motivate and encourage you to sustain the changes that are needed for this. In order to successfully treat the overweight, the involvement of the parents is important in the first place. The parents play an exemplary role, but are also very important in motivating and stimulating the child.

Children and food

As a certified pediatric dietician, Hubbub Research Center can help you and your child in various areas. This includes learning a healthy diet, growth retardation, constipation, (toddler) diarrhea, celiac disease (gluten intolerance), lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance, cow’s milk allergy, underweight, overweight / obesity, dental caries (cavities) and dental erosion. Please contact us for more information.

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

In order to improve your blood sugar values, we will check whether you have a regular diet, do not consume too many fast sugars and whether you want to lose weight. A carbohydrate-restricted diet is possible, with excellent results. Your exercise pattern will also be discussed. Complaints such as thirst and fatigue will decrease or disappear if your blood sugar levels improve. Questions about what you can take at parties and holidays are addressed if desired.

High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)

To improve your cholesterol levels, it is important to balance the type of fats in your diet. It also looks at how much fiber and fish you eat. In the case of obesity, losing weight is desirable because it changes processes in the body, thereby improving cholesterol levels. The role of special cholesterol-lowering foods, recipes and what you can pay attention to when shopping (for example, reading labels) are discussed. 

High blood pressure (hypertension)

To lower your blood pressure and support the effect of your blood pressure-lowering medication, it is important to follow a salt-restricted diet. 75% of the salt that we get is hidden in food. 


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To lose weight? Change your mindset!

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