Less stress works best? Scientists report ...

Stress is the result of many factors: lack of food, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of freedom, lack of a safe and comfortable environment. Stress and mental problems can make people sick and die. Some of the things that people use to deal with stress are: 1. Overcoming stress (eating right, going to bed early, being aware of what's happening around you, getting enough sleep, having a comfortable environment, etc). The best way to overcome stress is to change the way you deal with it. When you face your worries, stress will be easier to overcome. In order to get rid of stress, you have to learn the skill of managing it. Some people start by just doing everything right and then gradually improve. But this doesn't work. You have to be able to work with stress. It's the same with sleep and eating right. You have to understand that the only thing that is going to solve your stress is that one thing that you can do right now.

What advice would you give to those people who are experiencing depression and insomnia? You have to realize that your body and mind have some control over how you feel.

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