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For any hormone you are interested in, there are a few things that you need to know:

Most hormones are sold over-the-counter, which means you can buy them from the pharmacy. Some of them, like estrogens, are labeled for female only use. This means if a partner says, "You shouldn't be buying any hormones for male hormones. It is bad for me to use them," you are wrong. There is an easy way to find out what hormones are on the market:

1. Go to your local drugstore and ask the pharmacist if they carry it. If they don't, find a pharmacy near you that does. Then, ask if they carry hormones for males only or for females only. There should be only one option for everyone, but you can find more information by searching the internet.

2. If they don't carry it, ask if a friend has it. They probably have a prescription from a doctor. The person might have it to help treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is often recommended by doctors, but the products are not readily available in any pharmacy. They don't have an official name. It is often called a steroid. It is usually prescribed to help people whose genitals become hard after they have sex or have periods.

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