Change in the food supply

  • There are still many people who think it’s a shame to throw the cliques away.
  • Many people find it difficult or rude to refuse offered food such as a treat or a cookie.
  • We also usually find it obvious that we always eat delicacies such as bonbons that are given as a gift.
  • Some mothers cannot get over their hearts to put the food leftovers from their offspring in the trash can.

Do you often eat more than you actually intended?

Change your mindset regarding food!

Once I was also such a mother who ate the leftovers of her child. If you are still hungry and not overweight, there is nothing wrong with that. But when you are doing it more or less compulsively because you think it is a shame to throw it away, you are doing something wrong.

You’re not a click, right ?!

For me, the light came on when a friend of mine shouted: “You certainly are not a clicko!” Take a closer look at the above, often worn-out line of thought and change your mindset.

Because what’s worse?

Throw away cliques? Or do they eat up the back of their heads, which means that in the end you ate (again) more than you wanted or planned?

Taking a pastry while you actually have to watch your weight? Or politely decline?

It can also be different!

  • Of course it starts with shopping and cooking. Think carefully how much you need. Do not buy too much and measure the portions if necessary.
  • You may use some cliques the next day. You may freeze large remains of certain meals. What you can no longer use, throw away!
  • I know people who enjoy taking the cookies and chocolates from their Christmas package to work and put them on the table in the canteen.
  • Of course you can also make your old grandmother, your sick aunt or your neighborhoods that are not that wide, very happy with, for example, the box of chocolates that you were actually not waiting for.
  • You can practice yourself to politely decline something. It can also help if people in your area are aware when you watch your diet.

I agree to some extent with people who claim that our food no longer contains the nutrients it contained 50 years ago, and that we may therefore have to supplement certain nutrients in the form of supplements. At the same time, I believe that good seasonal products and from a good source still contain a lot of nutrients. There is a reason why nutrition is there and the usefulness and safety of a large part of the nutritional supplements that are sold and sold with little or no substantiation can therefore be called into question.

You don’t have to eat it!

If you recognize yourself in this article, think about it and change your mindset with regard to food.

Good luck!